About Dr Kirsten Whitlock

Dr Kirsten Whitlock is a compassionate general practitioner with a special interest in mental health, empathetically approaching each person’s unique journey without judgment.

Kirsten’s interest in mental health began at Wits Medical School and was subsequently fostered through work in the busy psychiatric unit at Paarl Hospital. This interest deepened at Stellenbosch Hospital, where Kirsten was the doctor responsible for the psychiatric ward. There, she independently managed patients requiring care for a variety of mental health diagnoses, including substance use, psychosis, mood and personality disorders.

In 2023, Kirsten’s work with adults and adolescents in a Newlands general practice equipped her to manage an even broader range of mental health challenges, including anxiety, ADHD and trauma-related conditions. This experience nurtured her holistic approach, cemented her passion for mental wellness, and convinced her to obtain a Diploma in Mental Health through the Colleges of Medicine (SA).

Kirsten believes in working collaboratively, coming alongside patients, their family members and other skilled professionals (including OTs, psychologists and social workers), aiming for restored mental wellbeing and meaningful daily life.

When she’s not at the practice, you might find Kirsten teaching medical students at UCT, climbing (or running) the mountain or sipping a cup of rooibos over a good book.