About Dr John Wulz on study leave until August so currently unavailable

Dr John Wulz is a General Practitioner with a special interest in Psychiatry and altered states of consciousness. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Witwatersrand and has a Diploma in Mental Health from the College of Medicine of South Africa.

In 2017, Dr Wulz started feeling drawn to psychiatry and has since gained experience managing acute psychiatric illnesses in the public healthcare and NGO sectors. He has served patients in a peri-rural context in the Eastern Cape and Cape Flats, as well as Cape Town and has extensive experience working with patients from diverse backgrounds.

Dr Wulz prefers to manage mental health challenges and conditions collaboratively with psychologists, counsellors, social workers and alternative practitioners. His goal is to improve his patients' functionality and help them to generate purpose and meaning within their own social systems. Dr Wulz is passionate about supporting patients and families affected by mental illness and caring for substance users. In general, he is geared to diagnosing and treating psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, trauma-related disorders and ADHD, and feels he has a sensitivity towards the gender, cultural and religious identities of patients in the context of their illness expression.

In 2023, Dr Wulz enrolled in a Fluence workshop for administering infusion therapy using a psychedelic-assisted therapy framework. Holding space for individuals in altered states of consciousness, with recognition of its ancient historical roots and the profound impact these states might have on families and society, is an area of ongoing development.

Additionally, Dr Wulz feels that mental health is often beyond diagnostic labels and should tend towards nurturing the capacity for inner healing and finding wholeness within an empathetic container.

In his spare time, Dr Wulz enjoys trail running, open water swimming, dancing, yoga and curling up with a good book.